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We are the Game Audio Forge

We love games. We love game audio. We specialize in connecting with developers around the world to bring interactive worlds to life through the power of sound.

The Game Audio Forge is your one-stop shop for all things game audio related. Our team is easily scalable, infinitely versatile, experienced, and  ready to love your project. We deliver world class audio for any budget and projects of any size. . Our list of services includes:

Audio Direction-

We collaborate with your design and creative directors to craft a cohesive, and driving audio vision that defines the sonic personality of your project. A Game Audio Design document is drafted which defines the audio pillars of your game and ensures that all audio efforts are unified by a defining principle.

Audio Design-

Our sound designers immerse themselves in your game, collaborating across disciplines with your team to craft audio assets that build worlds, immerse players, and give your game that polished edge. We love creative, versatile approaches to sound design for any genre.


We love getting technical and implementing assets in-engine. Got a cool idea for unique audio behavior? We’d love to make it happen. Whether its UE4, UE5, Unity, Wwise, Fmod, or proprietary engines we are prepared to implement and optimize game audio on any platform. Porting to console? No problem! We’ll make sure your audio performance conforms to technical standards and runs flawlessly.


We are fortunate to have a network of incredibly talented and creative composers who are ready to score your game. We have fostered warm relationships with award winning talent such as Austin Wintory, Kevin Manthei, Jeff Broadbent, and others who love finding unique takes and original paths to writing immersive scores that drive gameplay and captivate players. We also love reaching out to new talent and finding hidden gems that bring fresh, versatile, music choices to the game industry.

Voice Over-

Voiceover tends to fall into two extremes: High quality voice over that adds that finished layer of polish that pushes your game to the next level and bad voice over which can negatively affect review scores and scare off players. That’s why we network with the finest VO actors, directors, and engineers to fully deliver a AAA voiceover pipeline that fits any budget. Think you can’t afford a great VO? We disagree! Let’s talk about how to bring your characters to life with award winning performances.

What We Are About

Realizing YOUR vision

We love big ideas. We want to hear yours and collaborate to bring your vision to the player. We foster vibrant communication and interconnection between disciplines.

Personally Connected

We believe the game industry is small and that good work is born of personal relationships. Our team is your team, available and connected through a love for the game and for the art.


We love the gaming world and the unique community of creative individuals drawn to all aspects of the industry. Supporting the aspirations and evolution of this community is the why behind eberything that we do 

A word (or two) from our Studio Director

Derrick Reyes,  Studio Director

I love video games. I love playing them and I love making them. As a child I wore out my NES and rented every title at my local video store. My friends and I used to quiz each other on different game scores trying to name the game based on the tunes we would sing. I’ve seen games grow from a toy to an art form and shared life changing emotional experiences with players all over the world.

I am fortunate to be at a place in my life where I can take part of creation. Creation of stories, immersion, and unforgettable experiences for players just like me. Crafting game audio is my hobby, my passion, and my dream.

I have had the pleasure of working on MMOs, shooters, mobile, VR/AR, PC, and console titles. My personal journey has involved working in so many areas of the game audio industry from working with AAA devs and indies, to freelancing and education.

I have worked at universities to write and teach game audio curricula and in my free time I enjoy making tutorials, programming, and developing fun game ideas with friends. Some of my favorite games include Inside, Bastion, Journey, Hellblade, Panoramical, World of Warcraft, and Okami.

Global reach with a local vibe

Our Studio

At The Game Audio Forge we embrace diversity and equality in a serious way. We are committed to building a team with a variety of backgrounds, skills, and views. The more inclusive we are, the better our work will be. Creating a culture of Equality isn't just the right thing to do, it's also the smart thing.

We’d Love to Work With You

If you have a game that needs audio send us a message. We want to hear more about your project and ideas. 

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